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Meditation for better concentration at work

One of the most distracting things, when we’re trying to be productive, is other conversations around us. You could be working at the office, home or getting some last-minute notes for a presentation and still find yourself following what others around you are talking about. They could be talking about topics that don’t necessarily have anything to do with what you’re working on, like bitcoin taxation Canada regulations, and you’ll still be inclined to listen. Unless you’re genuinely immersed, tuning out such conversations can be difficult. Not everyone has this problem, however. If you do fall on this spectrum, read on to find out what you can do to change your predicament.

Meditation practice

The practice of meditating has been in the social sphere for a few years now. The uptake, however, has been by those deemed spiritual or merely trying a trend. If you thought it was simply another hyped lifestyle to adopt, you might want to reconsider. Neuroscientists have established, after observing a monk that tuning out distraction, including something as loud as a gunshot is possible.

For the typical person, this sounds next level and thus impossible. At the very least it would take most of us years to be able to remain calm or even enter a more relaxed state if we heard a gunshot. However, there is a more practical approach that we can take to tune out workplace distractions.

The approach

Upon the mentioned discovery and others like it, meditation, even after a short … Read More