Infant Formula Manufacturers

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It is virtually impossible to deny the importance and value of the breastfeed for infants. If we describe it in scientific terms, no other product can compete with the efficacy and nutritious power of mother feed. This is the reason that all formula manufacturers agree with the utmost need of mother feed for the infants. But it is not possible for all mothers to feed their babies. In this situation,, the best alternative comes from the infant formula manufacturers who offer the best solutions for infant nutrition.

Diet is an important and serious subject with regard to the newborn as well as the adults. Babies need intake that is absolutely safe, nutritious and easily digestible. The preparation of food that can replace the breastfeed is not any easy job. However, today we have an extensive variety of these products made by the most renowned companies of the world. The fact is supported by the figures of the companies manufacturing infant formula in various parts of the world. This market is constantly on rise and there is expectation that only the market share of cow formula milk will reach 26.1 billion USD in 2024 from its present share of 25.8 billion USD.

The formula nutrition products made by these companies are meant for infants up to three years of age. They contain all the essential vitamins and nutrients that are recommended by scientists and physicians to provide the best food to babies. The prime concern is infants’ health. Thus not only the food content but also the preparation process needs extra care. For the purpose, the infant formula manufacturers use the best possible technology while the processes are built on the basis of the latest researches. The result is that the infant formulas are packed with excellent nutrients and vitamins that help infants grow and stay healthy.

The most prominent nutrients, mineral and vitamins added to infant nutrition formula include folic acid, iodine, iron, taurine and Prebiotics (FOS/GOS). Each of these has their specific utility for the baby’s health. For example, the folic is exceptionally beneficial for kid’s nervous system as well as for cell growth. The inclusion of iodine, iron, and taurine are responsible for supporting the growth of brain functions and for the development of eye-sight organs. Digestion of food other than breastfeed is of great significance in babies. To make sure an easy digestion, infant formula makers especially add Prebiotics (FOS/GOS) that not only saves the infant from indigestion but also inhibits infections and Nucleotides.

At present, there are hundreds of manufacturers in the market and they offer various brands to meet the infants need for formula nutrition. With every passing day, there are more companies in the market with more improved products, prepared applying the modern medical researches. In this ever-increasing competition, some of the formula manufacturers have retained their popularity intact and still enjoy the enormous confidence of their customers. A few internationally-acclaimed such names are Nestlé, Danone S.A, Reckitt Benckiser and Ausnutria.